Medicine has always focused on treating disease after it occurs, with both treatment and diagnosis based largely on population averages, and patient decisions confined to choices among alternatives provided by their physicians.

We are now poised to transition to a new medical paradigm that is predictive, preventive, personalized, and Participatory (P4).

The P4 Medicine Institute was founded to make P4 Medicine a reality by bringing together an exploratory community of scientists, physicians and other health care professionals, and people - both healthy and sick - who want to benefit themselves, their families, and their community. This community will come together in different projects which P4Mi is working to launch in the relatively near future.

The central feature of all P4 projects can be summarized in this simple formula:

Big data tracking multiple dimensions of individual health + ongoing systems analytics [link this underlined term to the “systems biology” page] = personalized, actionable health information.

  • Physicians will use personalized actionable information in clinics and hospitals to make more cost-effective diagnosis and treatments;
  • Patients (sick people) and consumers (healthy people) will use personalized actionable information in their homes and workplaces to live healthier, more productive lives;
  • Personalized data will be de-identified and aggregated to provide further insight into both health and disease which will yield more productive personalized actionable information.