The P4 Medicine institute (P4Mi) is driving innovative approaches to disease prevention and maintenance of HEALTH AND WELLNESS by applying SYSTEMS BIOLOGY to medicine and care delivery. P4Mi is recruiting clinical centers, research institutions and industrial partners to collaborate in a network of integrated DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS to accelerate the emergence of a P4 healthcare system that delivers more effective clinical care at lower cost.

In collaboration with ISB, Ohio State is developing more specific, cost-effective treatments for patients with disease -- creating new technologies and tools that will define wellness at a deep molecular level, empowering individuals to take an active role in their health care.

PeaceHealth, a not-for-profit integrated health system founded more than 150 years ago and nationally recognized for innovations in patient-centered care, patient safety and cost efficiency, will serve as an early adopter for P4MI “actionable genomics” that have been tested elsewhere and are ready for use in community-based, mainstream settings.

Institute for Systems Biology

The Institute for Systems Biology's (ISB) unique approach to bringing its novel scientific technologies and tools to patients through the creation of P4Mi will focus on transforming today's disease-based care to wellness-based care of the future.