A friend and fellow baseball player of mine was on 1 1/2 cc of DecaDurabolin every 3 days.

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“A friend and fellow baseball player of mine was
on 1 1/2 cc of DecaDurabolin every 3 days. His weight increased from from
213lbs to 230lbs in just over 6 weeks when he stopped the dosages. Lifting
only 4 times a week, he was able to make these massive gains in strenghth
and size. Being a pitcher, his fastball velocity went up 3-4 mph.

There was one side effect however. He didn’t stretch
before or after his workouts, which didn’t seem to bother him, because he
was in the best physical and baseball shape of his life. That all changed
when he blew his hamstring out trying to run from the pitchers mound to cover
1st base. After sitting out almost three weeks rehabbing the muscle he had
a similar blowout but not as severe when he came back.

During the same time period, another pitcher friend I knew, tore the ligaments in his throwing
elbow after two straight 7 week cycles of DecaDurabolin again at 1 1/2 cc
every three days. He too forgot about stretching the muscles out because
all he cared about was getting big and throwing harder, which he did (4 mph
gain). Too bad he’s going to have 6-8 months of rehab after his surgery to
hopefully let him just be able to throw a ball again.

For those athletes on the “Juice” to help increase
performance, remember to stretch religiously before and after weight and
athletic workouts. The muscle gains you are going to get are going to be
so rapid, you are going to be very tight even though you may not feel it.
Give those ligaments and muscles a good stretch to adjust.”

Editors note:

Anabolic steroids are extremely effective for
building muscle. However, steroids are not good for building tendons and
ligaments. Muscle size and strength increase but, the strength and elasticity
of tendons and ligaments do not. As a result, tendon inflammation, ligament,
inflammation, muscle pulls, and muscle tears are common side effects of steroid
use. Even if the pitchers in the above story had stretched properly,
it is likely that that would have suffered the same injuries. Many professional
bodybuilders use human growth hormone to prevent these side effects of steroid
use. Human growth hormone strengthens tendons and ligaments. Unfortunately,
human growth hormone can cause many side effects of its own and mixing drugs
is dangerous.