Like Steroids And Plaster Of Paris Users, Suspension Should Be Imposed On Fighters That Came Overweight Like Guzman

Once highly considered as a serious danger to the current pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao, Joan Guzman ranks among the most gifted fighters of the contemporary era. Although he fights like Floyd Mayweather Jr. whose style is now being repulse by most boxing spectators, it cannot be denied there is beauty – though not as beautiful as Pacquiao’s – in their fighting styles to behold on. Guzman is now a former two-division world champion, boasting a resume of 31 wins, 17 KO’s and a lone no contest.

Having won two major belts, Joan Guzman is definitely one of the current ring competitors to watch for whenever he showcases his habitually well-executed craft that places him on smooth sailing to stardom and greater riches. However boxing is no different in comparison to any other human enterprise; talent alone hardly carries anyone to the podium of his/her dreams. For that matter, boxing even requires self-discipline many folds than any other field of human undertaking, making the sport noble and honorable despite its rather brutal nature.

When it comes to natural boxing flair, Joan Guzman certainly rings the bell, but at this stage of his career while nearing boxing prominence he appears to be slithering back to his possibly inherent character problem. His professionalism as a professional fighter is now in question in the minds of many, arguably affecting his popularity and his status in the boxing world market.

Of late, Guzman, a former Olympian who competed for Dominican Republic demonstrated to the world …

Steroids – It is Dangerous!

Steroids are synthetic derivatives of the man’s sexual hormones, named testosterone which usually undertake improve force of muscles and to increase their size. Testosterone is made by men and women, but women make its rather smaller. Testosterone helps building of muscular fabrics. Steroids increase process of building of muscles, increasing quantity of testosterone in a body.

Steroids make growth of reproductive bodies, increasing criminal length and limit just as development of pubic hair on the person. The majority of people chooses steroids because of the fact that steroids help them to increase the weight and to lose fat faster. However, steroids cause various negative effects. Steroids help to type faster muscular weight, the person becomes much stronger and is more hardy. However, the physical and psychological damage which is usually put by means of steroids a bycicle and saddens all probable advantages.

The basic use of steroids in public health services to reduce ignition and some other symptoms of illness. Steroid inhalers have an essential role in decreasing fatal cases because of an asthma, local injections of a steroid are useful to consideration of painful joints and sheaves, steroid creams are widely used to treat eczema and other seditious skin diseases. Steroids do all immune system in a body of less active. Steroids as believe, are vital anti-inflammatory preparations.

Obvious effects of use of steroids: a blood pressure raising, reduction of levels HDL, destructions of a liver, reduction testicular in men, reductions of a breast and a uterus in women, …

Steroids, They Allow Their Happiness, Identity, And Sense Of Self-Worth To Come Almost Solely From Their Physiques Which Can Only Be Maintained By Steroids.

“I am a 21 year old female college student who became
friends with two guys, Mike and Bob, who lived in my apartment building.
Bob was an aspiring bodybuilder, and Mike was an ex-football player. At first,
I was in awe of their physiques and the size of their muscles. I remember
thinking Mike was one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen. From the
outside, they seemed like two guys who had it all together, college degrees,
intelligence, and a strong work ethic since they worked out so much.

When I found out that they used steroids, I didn’t
think it was a big deal at all. I thought it was kind of cool and that’s
what it took for them to get big and stay big in a short period of time.
I work out a lot also, and thought it was fun to go to the gym with them.
And then I started to see the other side to the beautiful

The first thing that happened was University Housing
kicked Bob out of the apartment. The reason he was kicked out was because
he and Mike had conspired to intimidate Bob’s former roommate, so he would
move out and Mike could have a place to stay for free. It must have been
a great psychological win for Mike to get free rent simply because he was
‘intimidating’. After being kicked out, Mike had no money and no place to
live, so he hung out …

Steroid Cycles

” I first started lifting weights the
summer before my freshman year of high school. I was short, only about 5’4″,
and at 108 lbs, pretty scrawny as well. I figured there wasn’t much I could
do about my height, so I decided to try and gain some weight. I had always
been fascinated with the images of the monsters I saw in magazines like ‘FLEX’
and ‘Muscle & Fitness’, so it seemed only natural that I should lift
weights. I made good gains at first, as beginners always do, and I loved
it (as I still do). In a couple of months my strength and weight shot up,
and by the end of my freshman year I was a solid 135 lbs with a bench press
around 190 lbs.

During high school I made slow but steady progress
in weightlifting. Occasionally I would go through a period of excellent gains
in size and strength, but more often it was a steady crawl upward. I was
satisfied, though, and by senior year of high school I had built a pretty
decent physique, and one that I felt was quite strong as well. I weighed
about 160 lbs, and maxed out on bench at 315. All this was done relatively
naturally, having only used some creatine and andro a few times, as well
as some protein supplements.

By my freshman year of college, I considered myself
to be a relatively good sized guy with a lot of strength. I weighed about…

A friend and fellow baseball player of mine was on 1 1/2 cc of DecaDurabolin every 3 days.

“A friend and fellow baseball player of mine was
on 1 1/2 cc of DecaDurabolin every 3 days. His weight increased from from
213lbs to 230lbs in just over 6 weeks when he stopped the dosages. Lifting
only 4 times a week, he was able to make these massive gains in strenghth
and size. Being a pitcher, his fastball velocity went up 3-4 mph.

There was one side effect however. He didn’t stretch
before or after his workouts, which didn’t seem to bother him, because he
was in the best physical and baseball shape of his life. That all changed
when he blew his hamstring out trying to run from the pitchers mound to cover
1st base. After sitting out almost three weeks rehabbing the muscle he had
a similar blowout but not as severe when he came back.

During the same time period, another pitcher friend I knew, tore the ligaments in his throwing
elbow after two straight 7 week cycles of DecaDurabolin again at 1 1/2 cc
every three days. He too forgot about stretching the muscles out because
all he cared about was getting big and throwing harder, which he did (4 mph
gain). Too bad he’s going to have 6-8 months of rehab after his surgery to
hopefully let him just be able to throw a ball again.

For those athletes on the “Juice” to help increase
performance, remember to stretch religiously before and after weight and
athletic workouts. The muscle gains you are going to …

Drug Tests, As He Injected The Urine Into Me, I Felt A Strong Burning Sensation In My Bladder.

“It all started when I played college football for
a college up in Canada, which I’ll have to keep the name of that college
confidential. My experience with steroids is sort of a weird one. Our team
had gotten destroyed that season, hardly winning any games, coming in dead
last in our division. Having played a pretty s–ty season the year before
as well, our coach came and talked to us about boosting up our performance.
We all sat and listened to his speech and after beating around the bush for
some time he mentioned “steroids”. He said it would be all right if we walked
out, because he didn’t want us to feel pressured into taking any. Many players
did just that, exactly what I should have done, but something didn’t make
me leave, seeing the rest of my offensive line still sitting there made me
think that I would be letting the team and the guys down if I didn’t stay
to hear the coach out.

He was talking about the steroids we would be taking
if we wanted to called, Halotestin. He was telling us how he used to take
them when he was in college and what great gains in performance and mass
we would get by using them, he also told us about some side effects like,
breast growth, male pattern baldness, oilier skin, acne, nausea, problems
of the liver and some more effects, which scared the crap out of me. But
again I still …

I expreinece a lot of ups and downs while using steroids.

“I guess to start I’ve always been one of the tall skinny guys(6’1), bad genetics, bad eating
habits, etc. But I was gonna be damned if I would stay that way my whole

I payed for my weight during the football season because I was a linebacker & worked my ass
off & was respected for it for the most part, but respect doesnt tackle
a 250 pound runningback running at you. I guess I was pretty strong for my
weight too, by my sophmore year in highschool I weighed a mind boggling 150
pounds on a full stomach & benched 190-195 lol.

By this time I had a back injury putting me out of football for the rest of the year & I
couldn’t touch a weight for 2-3 months. This just wreaked havoc on my body
& mind & everybody was nice enough to compliment MAN YOUR GETTIN
SKINNY WHAT HAPPENED. I went down to around 135 pounds.

I had a good friend that had tried steroids before & was strong as hell, probably the strongest
in my grade. I finally talked him into getting me some deca from mexico &
waited months until it finally came in. I didnt even start working out until
my first shot (1cc/300mg’s) & gained over 10 pounds by the end of the
first week. I know it was probably just food but I was stoked as hell.

The weight just kept going up around 10 pounds a week & everybody …

Steroids: This Nasty Hulk Follows Me To The Locker Room And Sells Me 150, 50 MG Anadrol-50 Tabs For 400 Bucks, Half My Damn Paycheck.

“Alright, this is extremely important….so, open you’re ears and listen. My name is j.t. i’m a 21 yr. Old bodybuilder. Its everything to me, bodybuilding. My passion. My life. But, thats not the point.

Now to steroids. I use them occasionaly, in moderate dosages. I also stick to roids which are low in androgens (i.e., deca, primabolan, etc.) Here is why: i’m a genetic freak. I began lifting at 16, but, got lazy, quit after only a year (had gone from 175 pds to 193). I resumed training on my 18th bi


rthday. By twenty yrs. Old, i weighed in at 2o9 pds., 8%bf, at only 5’9”. Natural. Used creatine on occasion, but, thats it.

Anyway, i was lifting at the athletic club one day, minding my own business, when all of the sudden, this big, bloated, ugly son of a bitch….approcahes me. “hey kid”, he says… “want some real a-50?” i just stood there, stupidly, and said, “sure”. Guess i’d been wanting to take roids for a while, just didn’t realize it. So, this nasty hulk follows me to the locker room and sells me 150 50mg tabs, right there, for 400 bucks (half my damn paycheck). Shit, what did i know? I was so naive. Knew the names of the roids, but, had absolutely no idea how to take them.

When i got home, first thing i did, popped 4 tabs. F-ck. Then, took 6 the next day, and kept it at that dosage for 7 days. …

I Bought 15 Sustanon 250 Amps, 200 Dianabol, 100 Clomid, 6 HCG Amps And 50 Nolvadex.

“Hello to all the readers of this really informative site. It has really helped me know what to expect. I started training when I was 16, and I think I have always been pretty lucky when it comes to genetics. I was 75kg’s when I started and right now I am 108kg’s after my second cycle and I’m 20 years old. I only started really using supplements after about 1 year of training, and they worked, but i’ll tell you this, anything that is not roids, is crippling in comparison.

I really got interested in anabolics when I was 18, and on a hunch typed in this address, only to find a really kewl site. Anyhow, I then did research on all the drugs I possibly could find. I did this for a whole year. Then I decided to do my first cycle, really low doses.

It was just deca, at 150mg a week for 8 weeks. It was not too hard to find a source, but I waited about 1 month for the juice to arrive. I was soooo keen. The deca cycle was ok, I went from 92kg’s to 98, but my bodyfat was also up a little. The strengh increases were minor, but I recovered like crazy. After that cycle I decided to find a new source, as I paid 1200 rand (in south africa) for such a little deca.

3 Months after the deca stint, I decided to buy the gear for my next cycle. I …

Steroids, I Am A Medical Doctor And Avid Bodybuilder Who Has Used Anabolic Steroids.

“Gday from down under, Australia that is. I commend you on your informative and unbiased website on anabolic steroids as well as your intentions to put this subject out in the open, a public forum, so to speak. As the great thinker, Robert G. Roter, said “questions and opinions inform us all, silence is golden, but silence is also ignorance”.

For professional reasons I am unable to state my name, but let me introduce myself as Dr.Ben. I am a fully trained and qualified medical doctor who happens to be an avid bodybuilder also. I have been working as a doctor for 4 years now and have been bodybuilding now for 7 years, throughtout my years in med school and professional years. I am sick to death of hearing all the rantings and ravings of opponents of anabolic steroids and other training aids who want these substances totally banned for use in sports. These people need to wake up to reality. There is just too much money in pro sport and amateur sport (read The Olympics) for the use of roids to go away. The public wants to see people run faster, jump higher, hit harder, grow bigger etc, etc, and this will not happen without the use of roids. The reason? For the last 30-35 years athletes have been using them and despite todays detection methods will continue to use them because they have methods of avoiding detection that will always put them one step ahead of the IOC …