Drug Tests, As He Injected The Urine Into Me, I Felt A Strong Burning Sensation In My Bladder.

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“It all started when I played college football for
a college up in Canada, which I’ll have to keep the name of that college
confidential. My experience with steroids is sort of a weird one. Our team
had gotten destroyed that season, hardly winning any games, coming in dead
last in our division. Having played a pretty s–ty season the year before
as well, our coach came and talked to us about boosting up our performance.
We all sat and listened to his speech and after beating around the bush for
some time he mentioned “steroids”. He said it would be all right if we walked
out, because he didn’t want us to feel pressured into taking any. Many players
did just that, exactly what I should have done, but something didn’t make
me leave, seeing the rest of my offensive line still sitting there made me
think that I would be letting the team and the guys down if I didn’t stay
to hear the coach out.

He was talking about the steroids we would be taking
if we wanted to called, Halotestin. He was telling us how he used to take
them when he was in college and what great gains in performance and mass
we would get by using them, he also told us about some side effects like,
breast growth, male pattern baldness, oilier skin, acne, nausea, problems
of the liver and some more effects, which scared the crap out of me. But
again I still remained there because of my friends, I figured with the guys
staying to listen and wanting to take this stuff they would train and perform
a lot better then I would during the next training camp and I would lose
my starting position. Out of competition I stayed and agree with the rest
of players left in the locker room, about 15 to 18, to take the steroid.

The coach got a doctor to come and see us, to talk
a little more about what we would be experiencing. He prescribed us the drug
and told us to take two a day for about two weeks and then on the third and
forth week increase it to three and for some players four a day depending
on our weight. I was lucky I guess I was told three a day. I started to see
results in about the first week, I felt more powerful and more energetic,
able to squat, bench, and deadlift more then I have ever done before, with
increase in weights up to 180 pounds. This at the start was a wonderful thing,
I increased muscle mass big time, by the end of the second week I was weighting
in at about 15 pounds more, lean muscle mass. The rest of the players were
experiencing the same boost in their training and performance, these results
even convinced some players that walked out at the meeting two weeks back
to think it over and start taking Halotestin too.

Now this is where the weird stuff started happening,
we were prescribed the drug for a two month cycle, with a two week break
from the cycle, and then start the cycle over again. When our training camp
came around the corner in that following summer, we were all given a steroid
test by our coach’s doctor and those of us on the drug were all positive.
This means suspension from the team and maybe even school. The coach tells
us that everything is under control and not to worry about it. Our steroids
tests during training camp are given only twice, once at the beginning of
camp and once at the end of camp. And usually the coach finds out about them
two to three days before administered to us, so his plan was for the players
on steroids to have our bladders injected with other peoples urine. When
I heard of this, my face turned colors. This would be the only way for us
not to be detected for steroids now that we were all positive.

I will never forget the day that training camp came
along and it was our teams turn to get administered. About five hours before
the test, we were brought to the hospital where the doctor worked at and
were asked to go take a leak. But this was not enough, there could have still
been a trace of our own urine in our bladder, so he had to go in manually
with a tube to make sure our bladders were empty of our own urine, the pain
I felt, I can not even describe it to you. Then he proceeded to insert me
with this needle with a point about 6 inches long and it hurt too, it felt
like he was stabbing me. Then as he injected me with the urine I kept feeling
this burning sensation inside my bladder, which he said was normal because
it’s a foreign substance to my body. With in the hour I felt sick, and was
puking all over, and as for the urine that was injected in my balder, it
didn’t want to hold. I had to force to keep it in for the whole duration
until my urine sample for camp. It was the longest five hours I have ever
had to wait.

When I was being administered the steroid test for
camp everything went smooth, except for some yellow marks on my boxer shorts.
After the test, I found out that all the players passed and all we
had to hope for was passing the last steroid test at the end of camp which
to make a long story short we did too.

That season we came in third place which isn’t too
great , but a dramatic change from last. As for me now, I stopped playing
football, graduated. But I didn’t get back on the Halotestin the following
season, I played for 1 season more, and I didn’t want to experience what
I went through again in my last season, some of my team mates got back on
the steroid again that season but that sucks for them. Now I mostly weight
train, and I still have a great body. I have never taken steroids again but
still take supplements, but nothing like Halotestin.”