I Bought 15 Sustanon 250 Amps, 200 Dianabol, 100 Clomid, 6 HCG Amps And 50 Nolvadex.

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“Hello to all the readers of this really informative site. It has really helped me know what to expect. I started training when I was 16, and I think I have always been pretty lucky when it comes to genetics. I was 75kg’s when I started and right now I am 108kg’s after my second cycle and I’m 20 years old. I only started really using supplements after about 1 year of training, and they worked, but i’ll tell you this, anything that is not roids, is crippling in comparison.

I really got interested in anabolics when I was 18, and on a hunch typed in this address, only to find a really kewl site. Anyhow, I then did research on all the drugs I possibly could find. I did this for a whole year. Then I decided to do my first cycle, really low doses.

It was just deca, at 150mg a week for 8 weeks. It was not too hard to find a source, but I waited about 1 month for the juice to arrive. I was soooo keen. The deca cycle was ok, I went from 92kg’s to 98, but my bodyfat was also up a little. The strengh increases were minor, but I recovered like crazy. After that cycle I decided to find a new source, as I paid 1200 rand (in south africa) for such a little deca.

3 Months after the deca stint, I decided to buy the gear for my next cycle. I had been saving up and had all the money I needed. I bought 15 sustanon 250 amps, 200 dianabol, 100 clomid, 6 HCG amps and 50 Nolvadex. This cost me a total of about 2000 rand, which was much better than the previous price. My new contact was much better.

The cycle I decided to do was a 8 week sust/dboll cycle. The sustanon I would take all through, but the dbol was only for the first 4 weeks as the sust takes about 3 weeks to take effect. I would use the clomid every other day and the HCG at the end of the cycle. I kept nolvadex on hand in case of gyno problems.

Ok, I am now halfway through my second cycle. So far I have been taking 500mg of sust a week, and 5 dbol’s a day(25mg). On the deca I had no side effects at all, but the dosages in this cycle is pretty high and I was expecting a bit of trouble. My weight has gone up to 103kg’s, and there is not much water retention, I think It is because of the clomid. I have gotten some acne on my back, not much but enough to bother me. I am showering 3 times a day and washing with anti bacterial soap and it’s much better now. My strength is up. It is so amazing. My bench is up 20kg’s, from 120 to 140 for 8 reps. The pumps are amazing, and the other day I noticed that I have veins on my shoulders and back as well. I think my bodyfat is much lower.

I’ve finished the cycle now. I’ve been off the HCG for a week now. I have gone from 98kg’s to 108. My bodyfat is now 14%, where it was 16% at the start. So far I have kept all the gains I got. I’m really glad I spent the extra money on the comid and HCG. It makes all the difference. I’m only 20 years old and I’m the biggest guy in the gym. In the end I did have quite a few sides, acne got pretty bad (but I sorta kept it in check with the soap) and I had some high blood pressure from a little water, but that has dropped away now. My testes have not shrunk at all, the clomid made sure of that, and I am going for a bloodtest in a week as well. I am entering my first contest in 4 months.

What do I think of steroids? I think they kick! Advice I can give though, is do your research, make sure your diet is correct, don’t neglect supplements while on the juice, and train like a demon.

I feel strange though, because if it is this easy, then surely it can’t be too hard to get to pro bodybuilder status. Maybe I’ll drop another email after the contest.