I expreinece a lot of ups and downs while using steroids.

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“I guess to start I’ve always been one of the tall skinny guys(6’1), bad genetics, bad eating
habits, etc. But I was gonna be damned if I would stay that way my whole

I payed for my weight during the football season because I was a linebacker & worked my ass
off & was respected for it for the most part, but respect doesnt tackle
a 250 pound runningback running at you. I guess I was pretty strong for my
weight too, by my sophmore year in highschool I weighed a mind boggling 150
pounds on a full stomach & benched 190-195 lol.

By this time I had a back injury putting me out of football for the rest of the year & I
couldn’t touch a weight for 2-3 months. This just wreaked havoc on my body
& mind & everybody was nice enough to compliment MAN YOUR GETTIN
SKINNY WHAT HAPPENED. I went down to around 135 pounds.

I had a good friend that had tried steroids before & was strong as hell, probably the strongest
in my grade. I finally talked him into getting me some deca from mexico &
waited months until it finally came in. I didnt even start working out until
my first shot (1cc/300mg’s) & gained over 10 pounds by the end of the
first week. I know it was probably just food but I was stoked as hell.

The weight just kept going up around 10 pounds a week & everybody was noticing it. Friends & family & girls all liked the new look but I started to get a s–ty
attitude with it. I got more girls attention but at the same time they became
more scared of me I think, which drove me into a pretty deep depression because
everybody started slowly leaving my life. By the end of my cycle & beginning
of my junior year I weighed about 180 & was vascular & cut as Id
ever been in my life.

Even though I was happy as hell about my new look I was the loneliest person in the world it seemed everybody spread rumors around about me being a roider (which they
were right :D) & I guess they thought I would rage or something. I did
used to get a little mad on that first cycle but 3 cycles later Ive never
gotten like that again. I guess it was from shutting down pretty hard from
the deca & not have a post cycle recovery set up or any testosterone
in the mix.

From this Ive gained respect & everybody knows who I am, alot more people are starting to open up to me now since I can keep my temper under control & Im trying
to not go too crazy with my doseages even though I know Im way to young to
be doing it in the first place. But Im just trying to live my life while
I can & most things worth achieving involve risks. Im happy with what
its done with my life & wouldnt change a second of it.

The only side effects Ive had is mild back acne, balls shrank post-cycle, & got a little gyno but cured it with a little nolvadex. I plan on continuing my use for awhile
but will try to worry more about my diet & lifting smarter than how many
cc’s I put in the syringe.

Steroids aren’t as evil as the media makes them out to be if you take them responsibly and know what the hell your doing. I plan on competing in bodybuilding shows soon
& would like to continue to play football. “

Editor’s note:

We do not recommend or encourage anyone to use anabolic steroids. For the
reasons listed below, it is extremely important the people under the age
of 21 do not use steroids unless directed to do so under the care of a qualified
medical doctor for specific medical conditions. Anabolic steroids can cause
bones to stop growing prematurely. Teenagers who take anabolic steroids to
get bigger may actually end up making themselves smaller for the rest of
their lives. If a person who is not done growing yet takes steroids and
experiences premature stoppage of bone growth, he or she will never grow
as tall as he or she would have naturally grown if he or she had not used
steroids. Now you know how they keep those gymnasts so short and muscular.

There have been cases where doctors have used small amounts of specific anabolic steroids administered in precise doses to increase height. However, the amount of
a steroid that will increase height and not stop bone growth varies from
individual to individual. Using steroids to increase height can only be done
by a qualified doctor. All steroids, even when administered in small dosages,
can prematurely stop bone growth in individuals who are not done growing.

Steroids can also alter the normal course of puberty. Steroid use is especially risky for
teenagers. While the likelihood of teenagers developing possible side effects
of steroid use like liver tumors is relatively low, as is the case for most
steroid users, the likelihood of teenagers experiencing premature stoppage
of bone growth and or changes to the normal course of pubertal development
is high.