The P4Medicine institute's (P4Mi's) mission is to bring P4 Medicine - Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory - to patients and society.

From the Lab to the Clinic

The P4 Medicine institute was co-founded in 2010 by the Institute for Systems Biology and The Ohio State University to help catalyze the transformation of medicine from a reactive mode to a system that is Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory.

  • P4Mi's goal is to drive innovative approaches to disease prevention and maintenance of health and wellness by applying systems biology to medicine and care delivery.
  • P4Mi is recruiting clinical centers, scientific research institutions and appropriate industrial partners to collaborate in a network of integrated demonstration projects in the United States and throughout the world.
  • P4Mi will also engage other healthcare stakeholders and thought leaders to accelerate the emergence of a P4 Medicine healthcare system that delivers more effective clinical care at lower cost.