Steroids, I Am A Medical Doctor And Avid Bodybuilder Who Has Used Anabolic Steroids.

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“Gday from down under, Australia that is. I commend you on your informative and unbiased website on anabolic steroids as well as your intentions to put this subject out in the open, a public forum, so to speak. As the great thinker, Robert G. Roter, said “questions and opinions inform us all, silence is golden, but silence is also ignorance”.

For professional reasons I am unable to state my name, but let me introduce myself as Dr.Ben. I am a fully trained and qualified medical doctor who happens to be an avid bodybuilder also. I have been working as a doctor for 4 years now and have been bodybuilding now for 7 years, throughtout my years in med school and professional years. I am sick to death of hearing all the rantings and ravings of opponents of anabolic steroids and other training aids who want these substances totally banned for use in sports. These people need to wake up to reality. There is just too much money in pro sport and amateur sport (read The Olympics) for the use of roids to go away. The public wants to see people run faster, jump higher, hit harder, grow bigger etc, etc, and this will not happen without the use of roids. The reason? For the last 30-35 years athletes have been using them and despite todays detection methods will continue to use them because they have methods of avoiding detection that will always put them one step ahead of the IOC or whichever hypocritical governing body that tries paradoxically to stamp out the very means by which the Olympics have become such a money spinning phenomenon.

There is no doubt about it, roids, hgh, and igf 1 are all potentially dangerous drugs, as is any drug. I DO NOT support the use of black market roids in an unmonitored fashion. I FULLY SUPPORT the use of legalized roids in a medically monitored manner. There is a ton of evidence in the medical literature which shows the harm minimisation that can be achieved with sterile needle programs, regular blood tests, and physician monitoring of roid users. To all those who say using roids is cheating, wake up, nearly every serious athlete will USE at some point in their career just to be on an even playing field. To those who say its unnatural, wake up, who said it was natural for athletes to do altitude training, carb loading, blood doping, run 42 kms, etc, etc??? We all need to stop being f—ing hypocrites, especially all those f —ing Bobybuilding magazine “journalists” and the crap they write in their magazines. Yeah, these 275lbs monsters with 8% bodyfat are roid free and have been all their lives. HAH! And bodybuilding getting recognised as an olympic sport. HAH! HAH! How much did the Weiders pay Samaranch for that? It’s time to wake up, cut the crap, and start being honest and open about roid use. It really is the only safe way to go about it for those who choose to take that path.

If you’re wondering, yes, I have done 1 course of roids, 6 weeks of 1 ml/week of Sustanon 250. I put on 5 kgs of muscle, lost some hair, got some zits on my back, balls shrank, and couldn’t sleep properly for months, and,  yes, I had myself monitored. Blood pressure went thru the roof and I needed an antihypertensive medication. I have a number of friends who are bodybuilders who use or have used steroids and they are all open and honest about their use. One friend stacked oral Dianobol and Halotestin in his youth. He is still massive and hard in his late 40’s with a 19 inch arm cold and now also heats his hairpiece in the microwave to bring out the curls in it. Another friend used Stanazol continuously for 2 years, he went from 60kg to 95 kg of hard, cut muscle and now that he hasn’t used the stuff for 6 months he’s down to 70 kg and can’t get an erection even if you put Anna Kournikova touching her toes naked in front of him with all the sh-tload of Pregnyl he’s been using.

What sickens me are those people in the gym who say “I’m 100% clean, never touched them and never will” and there they are benching 300 lbs for reps, massive, hard, and cut or the guy just starting out with all the cystic acne on his back and shoulders with the really bloated look, the roid gut and the bloated, chipmunk cheeks face. Or the girl who looks like a guy with the really deep voice and really square jaw who is just way too lean to be natural and still denies using roids. I think its this sort of blatant hypocrisy that makes bodybuilders look stupid, come on, own up and admit it and if you are doing it, at least get your course monitored by a doctor.

Guys, that’s my story, hope it does well.

Regards, Ben”