Steroids: This Nasty Hulk Follows Me To The Locker Room And Sells Me 150, 50 MG Anadrol-50 Tabs For 400 Bucks, Half My Damn Paycheck.

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“Alright, this is extremely important….so, open you’re ears and listen. My name is j.t. i’m a 21 yr. Old bodybuilder. Its everything to me, bodybuilding. My passion. My life. But, thats not the point.

Now to steroids. I use them occasionaly, in moderate dosages. I also stick to roids which are low in androgens (i.e., deca, primabolan, etc.) Here is why: i’m a genetic freak. I began lifting at 16, but, got lazy, quit after only a year (had gone from 175 pds to 193). I resumed training on my 18th bi


rthday. By twenty yrs. Old, i weighed in at 2o9 pds., 8%bf, at only 5’9”. Natural. Used creatine on occasion, but, thats it.

Anyway, i was lifting at the athletic club one day, minding my own business, when all of the sudden, this big, bloated, ugly son of a bitch….approcahes me. “hey kid”, he says… “want some real a-50?” i just stood there, stupidly, and said, “sure”. Guess i’d been wanting to take roids for a while, just didn’t realize it. So, this nasty hulk follows me to the locker room and sells me 150 50mg tabs, right there, for 400 bucks (half my damn paycheck). Shit, what did i know? I was so naive. Knew the names of the roids, but, had absolutely no idea how to take them.

When i got home, first thing i did, popped 4 tabs. F-ck. Then, took 6 the next day, and kept it at that dosage for 7 days. By day 8 i had the following symptoms: extremely swollen cheeks, legs, and arms (water retention); uncontrollable anger (nearly killed my brother, threw him through a window); severe flu-like symptoms (fever, cold, nausea). I had also gained 9 pds (mostly water, i’m sure), so, i continued at 6 a day for two more weeks. By day 23, last day of the cycle….the latter symptoms had worsened (i was a raging, bloated, sickly f-cking monster). But, i also had terrible, terrible acne, coupled with oozing boils on my face and back, a swollen, distended belly, sore pecs (beginning of gyno), and, worst of all, i was pissing blood. Serious shit.

People were looking at me as if i was, sincerely, a monster. My dosage had been more than triple the “recommended” norm, as well as the fact that i’d used absolutely no anti-estrogen. I didn’t go to the hospital, or, even go so far as to visit a doctor. Incredibly, these terrible side effects completely subsided (months later), and, i fully recovered (didn’t even develop full-blown gyno). I was amazingly luck, thats all i can say. But, hate to think what internal damage that cycle did/has done. Hell, was 234 by the end of those 3 weeks, up 25 pds. Managed to keep about 12 of those pounds. Moral: 12 pounds ain’t worth twice that many years off you’re life (or more), so, i warn you, be careful, research you’re shit, and, most of all, don’t be stupid.