CGM Program Description

Step 1 : Sign-up & Prescription


After signing up, we will send a prescription to your pharmacy for a FreeStyle Libre 14-day Sensor. Please note that insurance does not usually cover the cost of CGM technology for non-diabetic patients. Sensors typically cost between $50 and $80 out of pocket, and if you do not have an iPhone 7 or above (compatible with the FreeStyle LibreLink mobile app) you will also need to purchase a CGM reader which will cost approximately $70.


Step 2 : Connect & Empower

You will schedule an intake appointment at the P4Mi Clinic where we will place a CGM sensor on your upper arm, help you set up your LibreLink app or CGM reader, and provide educational materials on food and activity logging. Because food and activity logging is such an important part of the CGM program, we want to ensure that you’re comfortable with this process before your intake is complete.


Step 3 : Quantify & Discover

Now you are ready for a 14-day period of continuous glucose monitoring complimented by logging food intake, sleep patterns, exercise, stress and activity. Prepare to make some surprising discoveries! The clinical team at P4Mi will be available to answer any questions you may have during the Quantify and Discover phase of your CGM experience. After your CGM sensor expires, you will remove the patch at home and share your raw CGM data with the P4Mi team through a secure portal. This data will then be used to prepare your Personal Metabolic Map.

Step 4 : Consult & Take Action

Finally, you will schedule a follow-up appointment with your P4 physician where you’ll be presented with your Personal Metabolic Map and discuss actionable possibilities and unique lifestyle recommendations based on your CGM data. If any pressing medical concerns are revealed during your two weeks of CGM, our team will make sure that you receive appropriate follow-up. 


Program price: $600 (plus payment to pharmacy for CGM sensor/reader)


With this unique window into your metabolism, you’ll be able to take action for a healthier and more productive life. Take charge of your health!






The CGM fo Physician-Guided Self Discovery program at P4Mi is designed to generate personal actionable information that will help you take control of your health. In order to get the full benefit of this program, you will have to take an active role. While the P4 clinical team offers as much support as we can during your CGM experience, it is necessary for participants to take initiative in logging food intake, sleep and activities.

Side Effects

Continuous glucose monitoring typically has no physical side effects, however some users have reported discomfort following CGM sensor placement. Please contact your P4 clinical team if you experience significant discomfort with your CGM. You should also be aware that seeing this amount of health data can be anxiety inducing for some people. When you join P4Mi’s CGM program, we provide you with enough education to help reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress. P4 physicians are also well equipped to help patients navigate any anxiety that they may experience.

Don’t Self-Diagnose

The Abbot FreeStyle Libre CGM used in this program was not designed to diagnose metabolic diseases. It is designed to give diabetic users information about the rise and fall of blood glucose levels in order to help them dose their insulin. At P4Mi, we are revolutionizing the use of this technology in order to make nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for non-diabetic patients. If your data reveal pressing medical concerns, your P4 physician will advise you on further follow-up. Do not try to make your own medical judgments – only a specialized medical professional can accurately assess all of the potential factors involved in your results.

Device Malfunction

On occasion, some CGM users get readings that are abnormally high or low. This is often caused by device error resulting from sensor movement or poor placement in the upper arm. The P4 clinical team will monitor your data for such abnormalities, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you suspect that something may be wrong with your CGM.