The Digital Revolution

The digital revolution has transformed society in ways that were never anticipated just a decade ago. The explosion of new technologies, computing power and storage capabilities has exceeded all expectations.

The digital revolution is contributing to P4 Medicine for the individual in several important ways that is transforming our ability to monitor and optimize wellness:

  • Providing tools and strategies for managing and analyzing large biological and environmental data sets
  • Catalyzing the invention of personal monitoring devices that can digitalize biological and social information, enabling an assessment of wellness and disease for the individual (e.g., the “quantified self”)
  • Facilitating the creation of patient-driven social networks that focus on optimizing wellness and / or dealing with disease

The emergence of big data and computing power has transformed how scientists and healthcare systems are disentangling the complexities of disease and wellness. Currently, new tools for mining, integrating and modeling big data sets of heterogeneous biological data are generating predictive and actionable models of health and disease that translate directly to individual health.