Northeastern University Seattle presented: Local Leaders, Global Impact Speaker Series - Bringing P4 Medicine to Patients and Society

Date: March 22, 2013

P4 Medicine is at a tipping point and is on the verge of becoming an everyday reality in mainstream medicine. In this new era, doctors will no longer be the sole sources of knowledge, and consumers will actively participate in their own health and wellness. Northeastern University–Seattle presented what healthcare leaders and global experts have to say about making P4 Medicine a reality. Drs. Hood, Fulmer, Blau and Mr. Claton Lewis explored the opportunities and challenges that educators, clinicians, scientists, and industry will face when bringing P4 Medicine to patients and society over the next decade. Part of Northeastern University - Seattle's Local Leaders, Global Impact Speaker Series.

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CENTER FOR PERSONALIZED HEALTH CARE PRESENTED: "Advancing P4 Medicine Through Innovations in Science"

Date: October 3-4, 2012

2012 Johanna & Ralph DeStefano Personalized Health Care Conference

The Ohio State University Center for Personalized Health Care at the University's Blackwell Inn had its fifth national conference on personalized health care.The theme of the conference was "Advancing P4 Medicine Through Innovations in Science.” Topics focused on harnessing the power of biomarkers and their potential to predict clinical events, managing complex systems to impact disease prevention, leveraging advancements in educational infrastructure and innovations in health care to impact personalized medicine, and creating a consumer-focused environment to encourage patient participation. The conference brought together academic leaders, industry experts, government policy makers and healthcare providers from around the nation to discuss the latest developments in personalized health care.

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O'Reilly Strata Rx Conference: Making Health Data Work

Date: October 16-17, 2012

The healthcare community is awash in data. When combined and analyzed in the right way, this data has the potential to improve treatment effectiveness and efficiency—vital for the healthcare industry and the nation’s overall economy. The O’Reilly Strata Rx Conference is one of the first events in the world that brings leading experts together to advance personalized and predictive medicine, with the vision of achieving better patient outcomes at lower costs.

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