Insights and Lifestyle Hacks

“Sleep really affected my blood sugar. Even one night of bad sleep made a difference. For me, healthy blood sugar is about more than just what I put into my mouth.”


“I’ve been yo-yo dieting for years. I’m sick of guessing what foods are good for me, and I’m sick of hearing about generalized advice on ‘good’ foods and ‘bad’ foods. The CGM program gave me a chance to see what specific foods are doing to my blood sugar.”


“Healthy-looking granola spiked my blood sugar close to 200— much worse than a donut! This might explain my morning crashes in energy and focus.”


“While some fruits led to high spikes in blood sugar, I was happy to see that other fruits were not as bad. I also saw the benefit of combining foods. I won’t avoid pineapple altogether, but I will make sure to eat healthy fats and protein along with certain fruits.”


“My blood sugar spiked as high after I ate white rice as it did after I ate a candy bar.”


“I tried intermittent fasting for my prediabetes during my 2 weeks of continuous glucose monitoring. I was happy to see a real benefit for my blood sugar control that seemed to last for a few days. I plan on fasting occasionally to help prevent diabetes.”


“Taking a 30-minute walk after dinner makes a big difference. Intense exercise is beneficial, but lowering my stress with a gentle walk was also useful.”


“I discovered that my favorite meal at my usual restaurant made my blood sugar spike significantly. I plan on experimenting with other dishes at the restaurant.”