P4 Demonstration Projects

P4Mi and its strategic partners will launch a series of projects integrating systems medicine, consumer driven health management and the current healthcare system.  These projects will be designed to establish an ongoing cycle of accelerating biomedical and social innovation.

P4 demonstration projects will be adapted to many different kinds of populations with different needs and demands. However, all will have the same common elements: (1) participation of leading edge healthcare institutions; (2) implementation of ISB’s novel and personalized technologies; (3) generation of personalized health data from blood and genetics, etc.; (4) “coaching” services for wellness/disease prevention; and (5) patient-activated social networks.
More specifically the projects will be:


1. Based on the premise that blood is a window into health and disease, genomic and longitudinal blood data will be analyzed by ISB. This will enable:

  • The development of blood-based biomarkers (proteins, metabolites, DNA, RNA) for pre-symptomatic diagnosis of a specific disease;
  • Monitoring of the disease progression;
  • Stratification into different subtypes for impedance match against appropriate drugs and for monitoring response to therapy; and
  • Identification of novel genetic variants that are associated with risk of type II diabetes, as well as other genetic diseases found in the project population

2. Activating Project Populations

At the same time, these data will be used to activate the project population, which will be networked and supported by wellness coaches. The goal is enable people to better manage their own health and that of their families by developing personalized  strategies focused primarily on nutrition, exercise and sleep for enhancing wellness and preventing disease. These strategies will be iteratively adjusted in light of changes in the longitudinal blood data and over time, on the basis of the newly discovered blood biomarkers and the disease-associated DNA variants identified by the scientists.

3.  Analyzing the Data to Improve the Health and Wellness of Patients

The accumulated data will be analyzed by scientists to provide additional insight into health and disease. This, in turn will help wellness coaches develop novel personalized wellness strategies that will be implemented in cooperation with the specific patient populations.
By actively participating in the development of wellness strategies that work for them, patients / consumers will be contributing data that will accelerate the discovery process and will lead to the maintenance of their long-term health and wellness and ultimately disease prevention