P4 Medical Services


1. It is based on continuous monitoring and analysis of multiple dimensions of individual patient health:

Your body is unique, and so is your environment. Further, both are constantly changing as you live and age. To successfully engage with this unfathomably dynamic complexity, 21st century medicine has the tools to monitory key data dimensions, principally through multi-omics testing, imaging, and functional testing.

2.  It is physician-guided:

P4 Physicians provide the professional knowledge and skill necessary to help patients generate and interpret big data about your personal health. But they don’t just hand down cookie-cutter solutions—a major component of P4 care is collaboration between patients and physicians devise more effective personalized solutions to everyday health challenges.

3. It requires patient-driven lifestyle experimentation:

Patient-driven experimentation is critical for the production of actionable lifetyle possibilities. When patients make decisions based on personal data as opposed to population averages, their ability to take effective action is radically increased.

4. It produces growing self-knowledge that empowers patients to reach their full potential:

P4 medical care does so much more than treat disease after it arises—it can make you fitter, smarter, healthier and happier.

P4 Year of Health Program

P4Mi’s Year of Health program facilitates the active, data-driven participation of patients in the optimization of their individual health. It enables the optimization of physical and cognitive performance, the promotion of healthy aging, the detection and amelioration of disease transitions at their earliest stages, and the overall enhancement of self-knowledge.

The P4 Year of Health program includes a one-day Gateway to P4 Medicine, and periodic physician counseling sessions based on biomedical assessments using three modalities of biological information: pan-omics, imaging, and functional testing. In addition, continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels, blood pressure and other metrics in three separate “Discovery Weeks” will serve as the basis for highly personalized nutrition and exercise programs.

In total, participants will receive approximately 12 hours of physician counseling and data analysis, and 16 hours of exercise physiology services.

Cost: $15,000

Physician-Guided Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Program

P4Mi’s Physician-Guided CGM program is designed to provide deep insight into how patient blood sugar levels respond to food, activity, and sleep. Participants wear a CGM patch for two weeks while logging food intake and activities. A P4 physician then analyzes each patient’s unique metabolic responses to the foods they eat, their exercise and sleep patterns, and other lifestyle factors, providing an in-depth medical assessment and personalized lifestyle counselling.

Cost: $600 (plus cost of CGM technology paid at pharmacy)