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Program Cost: $600

This includes:

  • An initial visit to P4Mi Clinic for physician-assisted placement of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) patch, help activating CGM reader or mobile app, and¬†counseling on food and activities logging
  • Two-weeks of supervised continuous glucose monitoring - we will be available to address concerns and answer questions
  • A one-hour follow up visit with your P4 Physician to review CGM data and discuss actionable possibilities

Additional Cost:

Please remember that 14-Day FreeStyle Libre CGM patch is prescription-only, and price may vary depending on the pharmacy, ranging from $50 to $80 per patch. Most insurances would not cover the cost of a CGM patch for non-diabetics.

Participants with iPhone 7 or more recent iPhone models can download a free LibreLink app onto their phone and use it as a reader. For Android users and others, we will write a second prescription for a dedicated reader. Each reader typically cost $70.

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