Societal Implications and The healthcare of the future

P4 Medicine will have key societal impacts

  • It will digitalize medicine—providing the tools to manage each individual’s billions of data points and create actionable diagnoses from one molecule, one gene, one genome, or one tissue.
  • It will foster the development of a new consumer health industry that will be a major engine of economic growth in the 21st century, creating new globally tradable products and services and opportunities for new emerging companies.
  • By mobilizing and empowering healthy consumers with an ever-expanding stream of personalized actionable information, P4 Medicine will improve population health and enhance the ability of our citizenry to compete in the global knowledge economy by maximizing each individual’s human potential.
  • Consistent with the President Obama’s recent Precision Medicine Initiative, a new science-based wellness industry will improve the cost-effectiveness of our existing system of subsidized reactive care by mobilizing consumer support for data generation that facilitates the radical acceleration of our understanding of the causes of disease and the creation of more cost-effective diagnoses and therapies.
  • It will alleviate a principal source of fiscal stress on federal and state government by reducing the demand for subsidized reactive disease care as consumers achieve greater wellness;


The P4 Medicine Healthcare of Tomorrow

  • Prevention and wellness focuses
  • Treat causes and not symptoms
  • Consumer Driven
  • Utlization of big data